The leadership and legacy of IBN Television

IBN television is the culmination of nearly five decades of ministry around the world. It was originally started by Dr. Paul and Paulette Broyles in East Texas growing to 10 stations around the area. The station group was acquired by Dr. Randy Weiss and CrossTalk International in 2015. In partnership with EICBtv, a station group of 50 stations across the United States, and the IBN stations built by the Broyles, CrossTalk International felt it appropriate to name the new national network IBN in honor of the late Dr. Broyles and the ministry he poured his life into.

For decades, the Weiss family has been following the Lord’s leading in building television stations around the country. It was not always clear why God was directing them to take specific steps. God had simply said to capture the spectrum to proclaim the Gospel. Recently, it became evident that God wanted them to launch a network using all the tools He had provided.