Edge Spectrum, Inc.

IBN has partnered with Edge Spectrum, Inc.

Edge Spectrum Inc., is building a new nationwide wireless network that will lead the transformation of broadcast television from a fixed schedule, fixed content, broadcast service into a user defined, wireless, broadband data, and entertainment delivery service for mobile devices, households and automobiles.

This new network, which will eventually consist of over 1,600 ATSC 3.0, UHF television stations, will provide live, IP format television broadcasting/streaming and a new parallel path for Over-The-Top (OTT) internet digital video files.

ESI has already acquired a station footprint that covers over 106 million people, about 1/3 of the U.S. population, which rivals the largest cable providers in terms of reach. We have a long way to go to complete our goal of reaching 75-80% of the U.S. population, but we are well on our way.

Because the technology and information age in which we live is a rapidly advancing evolution, IBN has partnered with Edge Spectrum, Inc. to do more than meet or keep up with the demand of that evolution and advance. New technology is being developed and perfected now and IBN will be one of the first ever networks to offer this technology to content providers and programmers. In the same way the internet and streaming video on demand services such as Net Flix changed the way programs were selected, viewed and shared, the next evolution will offer several incredible advances for programmers, content providers and consumers alike.

Here are just a few examples.

Improved user experiences include:

  • Better video quality for viewing
  • Simplified program selection process
  • Consumer directed content
  • Video without streaming bottlenecks
  • Mobile video with no buffering
  • Download of desired content will intuitively happen before requested

Improved program provider experiences include:

  • Video quality delivered as produced
  • Consumer directed program selection – to the person, not the zip code
  • Consumer communication through usage and viewing data
  • Video available to be watched at consumer convenience
  • Mobile video with no buffering or download delays means higher satisfaction
  • Consumer behavior driven interaction
  • Availability of viewing habits, content choices and demographic information

Content providers already broadcasting on IBN will be the first to have access to this incredible opportunity and all of the advantages offered. We hope you will be counted among them.