Veteran resource brings Gospel into the struggle

United States (MNN) — Yesterday, we introduced you to Bill Host (see here), a Vietnam veteran who was looking for help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). We left off with Host at a place in life where he knew he needed more than programs that just dealt with the emotional and mental side of things. He needed to add God to the equation.

Like most of us, Host’s relationship with God follows an ebb and flow pattern.

He says, “When bad things happen, unfortunately, we tend to stop trusting in the Lord, that ‘how could He allow that to happen? How can I be close to the Lord and have bad things happen?’”

Even so, he knew that when he pursued God and handed over his burdens, things were better.

Not long ago, Host visited a PTSD conference in Grand Rapids. There, he heard about Warriors Set Free, a program run by Set Free Ministries. Warriors Set Free helps veterans and current service members work through challenges using biblical principles and methods. It sounded like what Host had been looking for, so he checked it out.

He says, “Pretty much everything changed then. A lot of the problems I struggled with got better. It didn’t change anything, but my way of coping with it got better.”

As he says, the struggle isn’t over, but now he knows who to turn to. He’s trusting God again. Today, he’s able to share his story and hear other stories that uplift him. And, he’s found the VA classes he was taking to be much more effective.

He explains it this way: “It seemed — as my walk with the Lord got more serious and more constant, and it wasn’t a rocky road there anymore — my relationship with the Lord got better. I was able to do better in those classes as well, I got more out of them.”

The neat thing about Warriors Set Free is they recognize it’s important to have someone to talk to who understands the unique struggles veterans face. That’s why everyone involved in the program is a veteran. Warriors Set Free also encourages their counselees to get training and volunteer to help future counselees. Host is grateful he can be involved in something that is bringing real help and change to other veterans in need.

He shares, “It’s not really me. It’s the Lord working through me. But still, just being used feels better to me than just passing people on to programs and things that, you know, would occupy you for a while but not go to the core.”

Host says as long as he’s around, he will allow God to use him in this way. So, whether you’re a veteran who’s never considered putting your faith in the Gospel, or you believe in God but struggle to trust Him, Host wants you to consider turning to the Lord for help.

“Since I’ve returned, I’m not saying it’s all fun and games and roses, but I’m just saying that it’s much easier. The things that I found difficult are manageable. And, I guess I wish I would have came back sooner.”

To learn more about Warriors Set Free or Set Free Ministries, click here.

And, even if this story doesn’t apply to you directly, could you pray for Host and other veterans like him? Pray for continued healing, reconciliation, and growth. Ask God to protect Host and to grow him in his faith.