Use Deaf church-finder tool for Easter outreach

USA (MNN) — This Easter Sunday may be the only time some people set foot into a church all year. Many Christians take this opportunity to invite family, neighbors, and coworkers to a Sunday service who may not have a relationship with Christ.

We shared a few days ago about Deaf Bible Society’s new online tool called Deaf Church Where that allows users to find nearby Deaf accessible churches in the United States.
But did you know that 98 percent of Deaf people are considered unreached with the Gospel?
That’s why Deaf Bible Society encourages you to invite a Deaf neighbor or friend to go to a Deaf Easter service with you this Sunday!

Deaf Bible Society’s Jason Suhr says this is what Deaf Church Where is for.

“If you go to our website you will see and experience an interactive map that allows you to search Deaf accessible churches in your area. You can search by city, state, zip code or even church name. This offers a great opportunity to be utilized as a resource to invite the Deaf community to find a church that meets their needs.”

Before Deaf Bible Society created Deaf Church Where, there were other deaf ministry finder-type tools out there, but they were pretty outdated and ultimately not as helpful for Deaf believers who want to get connected with the Body of Christ.

“We wanted to create the most user-friendly tool as possible. We conducted surveys and community testing to see how best we could improve the website. So we feel updates and improvement are a constant, and here at Deaf Bible Society, we are constantly looking to do just that!”

If you know of a Deaf accessible church or ministry near you that isn’t listed on Deaf Church Where, go head and contact Deaf Bible Society to get it added to the registry! Their contact information is listed at the bottom of their website’s homepage here.

Also, Suhr says your prayers would be deeply appreciated as their ministry presses forward in Gospel outreach to the Deaf.

“Please pray for our staff, that we would have wisdom to reach people of our Deaf community. Pray that we would know how best to bridge the Hearing and Deaf worlds. Also, pray for churches, that pastors and leaders would open their doors and minds to be ready and willing to facilitate ministry to and for the Deaf.”

Ultimately, says Suhr, “Our prayer here at Deaf Bible Society is that we would be a resource to empower the Church to be the Church, and that the Deaf and Hearing would unite and be one Body.”