Update on Mission Cry’s Kenya distribution center

Kenya (MNN) — Got an extra Bible in the house? Jason Woolford of Mission Cry said there’s a way to put it to work. Mission Cry distributes Bibles and Christian literature all over the world, and you can help too.

“When you think about sending a total used book value of $300 million to 171 nations, those were Bibles and Christian books that were either going to be recycled, thrown out, or sitting on somebody’s shelf,” said Woolford. “Instead it has truly changed the landscape of this entire world.”

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

Take the Kenya distribution center. Woolford said workers on the ground reported believers “crying and hugging their first Bibles” and pastors receiving full Bibles to share with their congregations for the first time.

“Words couldn’t begin to express the joy they had seen in the people’s faces,” he said. “You talk about seeding into good ground? It’s found here.”

And distribution isn’t the only thing Mission Cry is up to in Kenya. “We train up about 100 pastors every month, and we give them the Word of God for themselves and for people in their congregation.” The ministry is so successful that next two containers will be sent specifically for the pastors in training.

But none of this can happen without your help. “Because people support us financially, we can send a giant sea container with about $300,000 worth of free Bibles and Christian books,” said Woolford.

It’s easier than you might think to find Christian literature to send. Bookshelves at home, garage sales, and Salvation Army facilities are all home to too many unused books and Bibles. You can send in literature via media mail or donate to one of the many Mission Cry trucks and trailers.

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

“We cannot send these books and give them for free if people don’t come alongside us and support us and partner with us in letting the world hear our mission cry,” said Woolford. Find out how you can join right here.

Above all, Mission Cry needs your prayer. “The devil hates, 100 percent, what we’re doing,” said Woolford. “We’re giving the Word of God, [which] doesn’t return void, to people absolutely for free and then encouraging them with Christian books filled with testimonies.

“When we’re sending the Word of God, when we’re sending the Bible, we’re bringing a person, a believer, into fellowship with God Almighty.”