TWR Women of Hope gets a makeover

International (MNN) — Trans World Radio just put a new splash of paint, so-to-speak, on their TWR Women of Hope audio program. They updated the logo and website specifically, but the TWR Women of Hope program itself still has the same message.

TWR’s Dr. Peggy Banks explains, “It’s an audio program that brings hope to women in places where they are struggling — in their marriages, in their relationships, how to raise children — very practical issues that they deal with, and then we also deal with a soul issue in that program.”

When TWR Women of Hope began in 1997, it first had the name Project Hannah. “It started 20 years ago with the founder Marli Spieker when she was called by God to just minister to women who find themselves in very difficult and desperate situations. She answered the call saying to God she would do whatever it takes so women would know they are loved and cherished and God hears their prayers.

“So Project Hannah actually started as a prayer movement. Women were praying together in small groups. We have a prayer calendar that women pray through every day. Every month we have over 50,000 intercessors who are praying for women all over the world.”

While TWR Women of Hope has changed a bit over the years, they haven’t forgotten their Project Hannah roots. “The foundation, of course, remains prayer. We are a media ministry, so we also have programming — digital and audio programming. We’re all about awareness and bringing information and education on the plight of women around the world, but not just leaving them with information; giving them ways they can engage and helping women in their own community as well as communities around the world.”

(Photo courtesy of Vision Beyond Borders)

TWR Women of Hope is available in 125 different countries to impact countless women with the hope of Christ in their lives. Banks also adds, “Our prayer calendar is translated in 85 different languages. Our Women of Hope program, like I mentioned, is translated into 71 different languages. So yes, we are reaching women in all different parts of the world, seven different regions of the world, as well as here in North America.”

There are various programming options and resources available for spiritual growth. So why does TWR focus on Christian programming specifically for women?

“Here’s the thing I believe, is that women connect when they hear a woman’s voice, and they hear a woman’s voice talking about issues that women are discussing, women are struggling with…. They talk about…what it means to go through a time of depression, what it means to go through a time of loneliness, a time of singleness, a time of differences and difficulties in our marriages, or maybe in the workplace, what it means to work together as women to know how to lead in a ministry or in a corporate environment as a woman. So I think it’s important that women have programs that are created by women for women so they can connect with one another and their hearts connect together as women of God as they connect their hearts to the Lord.”

You can tune in to TWR Women of Hope’s audio programs online, or even share a program’s episode with a friend. Click here to check out TWR Women of Hope.

“In the book of Isaiah 40:8, the Bible says, ‘The grass withers and the flower fades, but the Word of God stands forever.’ So I would love women to take away from TWR Women of Hope to know that when we acknowledge God’s rule in our lives and we set our minds on things above, set our minds on things of Christ, God enables us to be women of hope,” Banks shares.