TWR flips switch on new transmitter for a larger reach

Bonaire (MNN) — On Tuesday, January 30, the island of Bonaire will be filled with Trans World Radio’s staff celebrating as the ministry flips the switch to a stronger service at 4:30 pm EST. With the new transmitter, TWR is ushering in a historic era of Christian broadcasting in Latin America and the Caribbean.
New Transmitter Launch
“We’re increasing our power from 100,000-watts to 450,000-watts. And it’s an AM station. It will cover all the way from Central Brazil all the way to the Southern part of the United States at night,” TWR’s President Lauren Libby shares.

(Photo Courtesy of TWR)

“In fact, this upgrade is increasing by 100 million people (potential listening audience) in the Bonaire range from the Bonaire station. We’re now calling it Shine 800 AM. And so Shine 800 AM will be shining the name of Jesus all across northern Latin American down into Brazil, particularly Cuba at night.”

Once it goes live, this transmitter will make TWR the largest AM station in the Western Hemisphere. However, it’s taken five years and 3.8 million dollars to make this incredible dream a reality. Still, Libby says TWR is excited to see how the new transmitter is going to impact lives in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Brazil.
A Need Answered
TWR began broadcasting Christian programs from the island in 1964. But it wasn’t until recent years when listeners on the edge of the broadcast range began calling for better access to TWR’s programming. Furthermore, TWR’s ability to reach its audience using its own transmitter has grown more important in places like Venezuela, where many radio stations airing the Spanish translation of TWR have been shut down. But now, TWR can broadcast directly into the country on its own.

(Photo Courtesy of TWR via Facebook)

“You know, people really view this as a spiritual resource. Pastors use it in terms of message preparation because they listen to the teaching on the air and then they turn right around and share it with their house churches,” Libby shares.

“I think in terms of outreach to new people, and in terms of helping people become established in field ministry on the ground, this station will be a real asset to that.”

In the past, TWR has even received calls from a listener in Cuba, a country where TWR’s reach has been sporadic. But now, people in the country will be able to listen to Shine 800 AM regularly. Libby hopes that with this larger broadcast reach the ministry will begin to see the growth of churches, growth of on-the-ground ministries (including those working with unreached people groups), and the Lord touching people’s lives.

Please pray for TWR’s work through this transmitter, for listeners to respond to Jesus and even reach out to TWR. And if you’re in the area, tune in on Tuesday to hear TWR’s station, Shine 800 AM.

TWR will be livestreaming the event on Tuesday through it’s Facebook page beginning at 2:30 pm EST. You can tune in for the celebration here!