To the ends of the earth

International (MNN) — Moments before his ascension, Jesus gave one last command to the disciples gathered around him. “You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

(Photo courtesy of World Mission)

To this day, believers are continuing to follow Jesus’s command, but according to Greg Kelly, CEO of World Mission, it’s the “ends of the earth” bit that is still so troublesome. Troublesome, but not impossible.

“There are thousands of these people groups that have never heard, and if every Christian could just acknowledge one of them, then it’s my firm conviction that within our lifetime we’ll see the fulfillment of the Great Commission,” Kelley said.

Those people groups aren’t just individuals who haven’t become believers; they are entire tribes and nations that have never even been given the opportunity to hear the name of Jesus Christ. How do we achieve such an intimidating goal? Kelley says it starts with keeping believers informed.

That’s why World Mission has partnered with International Day for the Unreached to bring believers together to reach those who have never heard.

“We all have giftings. The Lord has given every single Christian a gift, and prayer is one we all can participate in,” he said. He suggests believers start by asking God where He wants them and what He wants them to do, then listening for the answers God provides.

(Photo courtesy of World Mission)

Ready to get involved? Kelley says there are plenty of ministries that can get you started. “We want to encourage believers to find their place when it comes to reaching the ends of the earth, whether it’s with World Mission or an IDU member, somebody who is a wonderful organization working among the unreached.”

World Mission is a good place to start. “We’re actually out in the field through our networks, over 30 networks from Senegal to Indonesia telling people who have never heard of Jesus about what He did for the first time in their lives,” Kelley said.

For Kelley and his ministry, the bottom line is that the Great Commission is not optional. “When I learned about the unreached, I realized there’s no greater calling than to position yourself so that you’re telling someone for the first time in their life that Jesus died for them, that there’s a Savior, and that they can have a relationship with him,” Kelley said.

“Find yourself in the story. What’s your place?”