The Effective Leader: Five Essential Habits

Founder of The 4Sight Group is the latest in an ongoing series.
Have you ever been a part of a winning team? Maybe it was a sports team in high school. Maybe it was a work team that launched a new product. Perhaps it was a ministry that organized an effective outreach program.
The joy of accomplishing great and meaningful work is a tremendous experience. I’m easily moved by the stories of people who are exceptional at what they do. These stories stand out because they defy the gravitational pull of the ordinary and mundane. Extraordinary moments of accomplishment inspire us and challenge us to do more, to be better, to make an impact.
As leaders, we long for these outcomes. We are full of ideas and initiatives. We see potential and opportunity all around. We can almost taste the outcome, but oftentimes we get bogged down by how we’ll get from here to there. How can we be effective in the chaos of the everyday?
In today’s culture, the rate of change and growth is dizzying and the expectation to keep pace with it all can be debilitating. We watch the success stories of others and wonder how we could possibly lead our team through the chaos of our world to experience the joy of accomplishing great work.
Effective leaders are the “how to” people within your organization. Effective leaders put feet to the vision and, by doing so, mobilize action. What I’ve discovered in studying effective leaders is that they demonstrate consistent disciplines or habits that build the foundation for their success.
Before we jump into what these disciplines are, I want to spend a moment on the word “discipline.” Truth is, you probably cringed a little bit when you read it. By our nature, leaders are forward-thinkers and fast-movers. The idea of discipline doesn’t …Continue reading…