The crisis the world forgot

Lebanon (MNN) — When crisis breaks out, the whole world typically responds. However, when the next tragedy breaks in the news, sometimes the old pain gets forgotten before things have really been resolved.

Nuna of Triumphant Mercy thinks that’s what’s happening with the Syrian refugee crisis. The ministry serves Syrian refugees living in Lebanon. Even though she thinks many global concerns are important, “People are forgetting that people are still people and people are still needing.”

That has an impact on the resources available to victims and the organizations trying to help them. “The support is getting less and less and people are seeing this and feeling this,” Nuna says. Despair is rampant among refugees, and Nuna says they’re always looking for the slightest glimmer of hope.

Photo Courtesy Triumphant Mercy

That’s where the Gospel comes in. “It’s just increasing the acceptance people have because they really want something,” Nuna says. “They are hopeless, and they need, and they’re grabbing onto every word we say.”

Even with an uncertain political situation, humanitarian needs stay the same, and Triumphant Mercy is doing what they can to fill those needs. “It doesn’t matter really politically what happens. It’s the opposite, actually; people need you more,” Nuna says. “If you’re bringing hope, if you’re bringing peace, if you’re bringing just a smile, it makes a change in people’s lives.”

The news about what might be happening in Lebanon’s political sector might bring tension and uncertainty, but Nuna and her team are bringing stability through the story of Christ. That means even when life doesn’t make sense, hope is still there.

“There’s so much anticipation and expectation in everybody’s hearts,” Nuna said. “I don’t understand it because there’s nothing new on the ground. On the ground, the situation is still the same, but there’s something new emerging inside of us, and we have a lot of expectations.”

To make those expectations a reality, however, they’re going to need your help. “We need people who are so blessed in having comfort and having lives that are right and in control to think of the others,” Nuna said.

Photo Courtesy Triumphant Mercy

Triumphant Mercies is planning on expanding ministry into Syria to help with the rebuilding process for families trying to get home, and the organizations involved in ministry like this need all the support they can get if they’re going to make a real impact.

“We need people to say ‘I wanna be something for my fellow brother. I want to do something. I’m not just going to look at this crisis and say, “Oh, God bless them.”’”

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