The BGC Gospel Life Podcast (Ep. 28)

Start each week with this encouragement to show and share the love of Jesus.
Episode Twenty-Eight | If God Answered Every Prayer You Prayed, Would There Be Anyone New in the Kingdom?
Jerry Root, Wheaton College Evangelism Professor and Director of the Evangelism Initiative at the Billy Graham Center, talks about prayer in evangelism. It opens doors to fruit that we may see today, tomorrow, or maybe even years from now. Are you praying for gospel opportunities? And how are you acting on those?
Episode Twenty-Seven | Dating as a Metaphor for Evangelism?
Kerilee Van Schooten, Church Evangelism Research and Ministries Coordinator at the Billy Graham Center, reminds us that our relationship with God can’t just involve us and Him; instead, it needs to branch out. As we go and do things that God enjoys–seeing people come to know Him–our intimacy with Him can increase in ways we never thought possible. Evangelism, is, after all, an avenue to better know God.
Episode Twenty-Six | Being Ready, In Season and Out
Karen Swanson, Director of the Institute for Prison Ministries at the Billy Graham Center, shares a powerful story of why we always need to be prepared to share the gospel, at any point, in any place. First Peter 3:5 tells us to always be prepared to give an answer for why we have the hope that is in us. When the time comes, will you be ready?
Episode Twenty-Five | Starting a Gospel Conversation by Talking about Prayer
Michael Hakmin Lee, Research Fellow at the Billy Graham Center, discusses the challenges for Christians seeking to share their faith in a more privatized culture, where talking about faith can seem anathema. Lee states, however, that research has shown there is still great interest in faith in general, and prayer in particular. So how do we begin faith conversations? Perhaps …Continue reading…