Spiritual leaders rising up for China

China (MNN) — Bibles for China has been distributing Scripture into the hands of the Chinese Church for years, but the last time the organization’s president Wendell Rovenstine visited the country, he heard a new request.

“We need Bibles, but we would like also for you to come back and do training, resourcing our leaders to help us understand church leadership and discipleship.”

Rovenstine shares, “We felt this was a call as recorded in Acts 16:9: ‘Come over to Macedonia (China) and help us.'” The new project, the Macedonian Call, will strive to bring Scripture and leadership training to the Chinese Church, but it’s not a job Bibles for China can tackle alone.

“We want to sit down with someone and say, ‘We’ll provide the resources if you provide the trained individuals from within China that know the leadership and have been through the training so they can go back to those areas and continue training others.’”

(Photo courtesy of Bibles for China)

Come this September, Rovenstine and other team members will get that chance as they meet with an organization willing to help provide quality training from indigenous leaders for local churches. “I feel like a kid again, I’m so excited!” admitted Rovenstine.

This upcoming partnership is just another example of ways the Church is uniting to bring Christ and His Word to the world. “There’s still a great need for all of us to pray and believe and trust God together, because He does move,” Rovenstine said. “In the 21st century, Asia is coming alive for Christ.”

Want to help? You can pray, give, or even go with organizations like Bibles for China. “Wherever you place your funds, place them so that you know that a difference is being made in the family and lives of people that are pleading, ‘We need Bibles and we need training.’

“Their hearts resonate with the heart of God, and they so badly desire those Bibles for their people and for new believers.”