Spending the summer with Keys for Kids

International (MNN) — With summer vacation just starting, many kids will be looking for new ways to enjoy a few months of freedom before school starts up again. Greg Yoder says Keys for Kids could be one of those ways.

“Keys for Kids devotionals, I think, are so neat because not only are they providing stories that are real and entertaining for the kids, but they’re also encouraging kids to be in God’s Word all summer long,” said Yoder. He believes the short stories will appeal to kids, and daily content will always keep things new and fresh.

(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids)

“Our goal this summer is to really ignite a passion for Christ in kids and their families all summer long by reading Keys for Kids,” said Yoder. “We want to really encourage kids to not only discover who Jesus is, but also grow in their newfound faith in Christ.

“And the impact of a summer full of devotions doesn’t end in August. It’s really providing them [with] the tools they need to be apologists for their faith, to be able to defend their faith once they get back to school in the fall.”

Some families have already been changed by spending the summer with Keys for Kids. Yoder said one couple introduced their children to devotionals every summer, and now, they get to do the same for their grandchildren. Another family of seven decided to give a large donation to Keys for Kids when all five grown children declared, “If we had to give a gift to an organization that impacted our lives spiritually when we were growing up, it has to be Keys for Kids Ministries.”

The devotionals won’t just be available in the U.S., either. “We’re also looking at reaching kids who speak Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Albanian, Greek, Macedonian…” said Yoder. “We’re really excited about the possibilities to reach kids and their families — literally millions of people in places that we probably would never have been able to reach before.”

If you want to help the project along, you don’t have to wait. “As you’re supporting Keys for Kids you’re really enabling us to reach kids and families not just here in the U.S., but abroad.”

Check out Keys for Kids at their website here!