Snapshot Packets headed for Indonesia

Indonesia (MNN) — FMI’s Bruce Allen is on his way to Indonesia, after stopping in Bangladesh, for some very special field visits.
Hello, Indonesia
What makes this set of field visits unique? Well, Allen is taking the Snapshot Packet evangelism tool with him to deliver to national church planters and congregations — for the first time.

Women enjoying free time at a conference in Pakistan. (Photo courtesy of FMI)

The Snapshot Packet is a series of images taken from within the country it was printed for and is used to communicate emotions and life happenings between the users. How it works is, a Christian can use the packet to reach out to a non-Christian and communicate the Gospel.

“For each country where we developed a Snapshot Packet, it is culturally distinctive to that country,” Allen explains. “So all of the images that are used in the packet, they’re images from within that culture. So, the Indonesian packet does not look much like the Pakistani or the Bangladeshi packet.”

FMI will also be holding conferences in Indonesia while doing field visits to help train pastors and church planters on the Snapshot Packet. So far, the Snapshot Packet has been implemented in Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Snapshot in Use
In fact, Allen recently received encouraging news regarding the use of Snapshot Packets for evangelism in Pakistan. Some Pakistani Snapshot users have even commented:

“The Snapshot tool, introduced at our January conference, is truly a strong and unique ministerial weapon for me. It is an exciting opening of The Word of God towards the unreached community. It has made communication with the people very simple and very powerful. People seem to have fun when they engage in Snapshot conversations, and it allows them to express their personal views and interests easily. I am enjoying bringing souls towards Christ using this tool.”  – Comment from an FMI-supported pastor*

Snapshot Tool in use. (Photo courtesy of FMI)

These Snapshot Packets are even designed to fit the needs of both men and women. And for those living in a Muslim-dominate culture, this is crucial. After all, only women can approach women to talk in public, leaving a good portion of evangelism needs on the shoulders of Christian women.

“I found it very difficult to communicate with strangers but this strategy has made my communication [for evangelism] much more effective now. I love to find people around and talk to them about their views first. It has taken my ministry to another extent as I read Scripture more than before now in order to keep myself prepared to interact [with] more people. The Snapshot tool is a necessity for me now, always in my bag.”  – Comment from a female church member, who now disciples 250 Pakistani women*
Why It Matters
In countries like Indonesia where congregations aren’t in one location but spread out over entire regions, it’s important that the Snapshot tool is available for congregation members to use for evangelism, too.

“One of the things we really want the church planters to understand about their role, according to Ephesians chapter four, is that they are to equip the saints for ministry. So often a pastor or an evangelist, all [they] can think about, ‘Oh, I have to do this ministry,’ which there is a ministry they are supposed to do, but a big chunk of that is to equip others to do ministry. So, the growth in an area becomes exponential.”

In other words, these Snapshot Packets are helping congregation members take responsibility in evangelism as well.
How to Help
If you’d like to help get the Snapshot tool into the hands of Indonesian church planters, pastors, and congregation members, click here!

However, regardless of if giving is a possibility right now, will you still pray? Pray for Allen’s travels into both Bangladesh and Indonesia. Pray for his safety, protection from illnesses, and for his translators as well.

Also, pray that God would allow for the continued supply of Snapshot Packets to Indonesian believers and that Allen’s time abroad would glorify God.

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*names withheld for security purposes