Send BIBLEplus+ units to Ghana

Ghana (MNN) – If ever there was a time to share the Gospel, it will always be now.

Not too long ago, this sense of urgency in sharing the Gospel gripped OneWay Ministries’ Executive Director’s heart, Michael Thompson. Specifically, in getting audio Bible devices, BIBLEplus+ units, to the West African country of Ghana.
Urgency in Ghana
Now, some parts of Ghana have been heavily evangelized and is home to a very vibrant church. However, this isn’t the case for all of Ghana.

(Photo Courtesy OneWay Ministries via Facebook.)

“There are pockets of tens of thousands of people that have no understanding whatsoever of who Jesus is, what the Gospel is, that are more in the northern region,” Thompson explains.

“There’s a big Islamic push down from the north all across west Africa that there really is a very key spot where the Christian church of the south and the push down from the north are meeting. And those are in regions that are largely among unreached rural peoples.”

It’s also in these rural areas where the north and south clash where OneWay is seeing a hunger and desire from people to hear about God. However, OneWay has about one week to raise the funds needed to buy 1,000 BIBLEplus+ units to send to Ghana. The deadline—April 17th.
Limited Time
The reason for this short time frame is because the company producing the BIBLEplus+ units is going to stop manufacturing the product at the end of this month. OneWay Ministries wants to send out as BIBLEplus+ units as possible before they cease to exist.

(Photo Courtesy OneWay Ministries via Facebook.)

These BIBLEplus+ units cost $50 a piece. While it may sound pricey, the cost covers “getting a very qualified, on fire pastor from the region sharing the Gospel and distributing audio Bibles to people,” Thompson shares.

“The very first thing that a person hears when they finally receive one of these units is, today you hold in your hand the most valuable possession that you could ever own. It is the key to life, it is the truth about the living God—the creator—and his love us as a people group.”

Furthermore, the BIBLEplus+ units don’t only provide an audio Bible in Ghanaian’s native tongue, but also people from the same people groups sharing their testimonies and sharing the need to turn away from false gods and to turn to Jesus Christ.
Three Ways to Help
So if you would, will you help get the last of these BIBLEplus+ units into the hands of the unreached people of Ghana? If so, here are three ways to help.

I. Prayer: Pray for God, through His people, to provide the necessary funds to purchase and send over these BIBLEplus+ units. Also, pray for wisdom for the pastors sharing the Gospel and distributing the units as well as for receptivity of those people receiving the units.

II. Share: Tell friends and family about the urgent need to get the word of God out to the people of Ghana. Spread the news and encourage others to help, too.

III. Donate: Would you consider giving to the cause? Any amount is welcome and helps get closer to sending 1,000 BIBLEplus+ audio books to Ghana.

“What you could do, either personally or with friends or churches, is make a direct impact on people who are receptive with the word of God, the Gospel itself,” Thompson says. “And I can’t think of anything that’s more exciting in life than the advancement of God’s kingdom through His word.”

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