Samaritan’s Purse VP Nominated for UN Refugee Role Faces Backlash

Ken Isaacs apologized for his tweets about Islamic violence.
The State Department faces backlash for nominating a longtime Samaritan’s Purse leader as the next director general of the United Nations’s International Organization for Migration (IOM) last week.
Nominee Ken Isaacs, vice president of programs and government relations at Franklin Graham’s evangelical relief ministry, previously posted on social media about Muslims’ propensity for violence and his desire to prioritize Christian refugees, according to a Washington Post report.
Isaacs—who has spent decades overseeing major relief and development projects all over the world, including Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East—has apologized for the controversial remarks.
The State Department defended his nomination for the position, which facilitates international cooperation over refugees, internally displaced persons, and other migrants. Samaritan’s Purse declined to comment.
Screenshots of Isaacs’s earlier tweets include statements like:

“… if you read the Quran, you will know ‘this’ [referring to the June 2017 London Bridge attack] is exactly what the Muslim faith instructs the faithful to do.”
“If Islam is a religion of peace, let’s see 2 million Muslims in National Mall marching against jihad & stand for America! I haven’t seen it!”
“Refugees are 2 grps. Some may go back and some can’t return. Christians can never return. They must be 1st priority.”

In an apology provided to the Washington Post, Isaacs wrote that he “deeply regrets” the hurt over his social media posts. “It was careless and it has caused concern among those who have expressed faith in my ability to effectively lead …Continue reading…