Prayers make Akebu translation possible

USA (MNN) — What happens when God’s people pray and work together in accordance with His will? Prayers receive answers.

“God answers prayers beyond our belief,” affirms Doug Haag of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA.

The Akebu translation team.(Photo courtesy of Wycliffe USA)

The Akebu Bible translation project stands as a testament to answered prayers.

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Following Haag’s 24-hour bike ride in 2015, his home church, Faith Assembly, began supporting Bible translation in the Akebu language. A year later, an Akebu pastor asked the translation team to pray with them for a church building.

“It touched my heart because I knew our church had been building tabernacles throughout West Africa,” says Haag. “I reached out to our missions pastor and I posed the question: ‘How cool would it be to build buildings for the Akebu, the same place where we’re supporting a Bible translation?’ What a blessing that would be.”

Through God’s divine planning, the blessing became reality.

Faith Assembly construction teams built three churches in Akebu villages earlier this year. Dozens came to Christ after watching the JESUS Film in their heart language.

Construction teams working on a church building for the Akebu.(Photo courtesy of Spoke ‘N Word Facebook page)

“For the group from our church, it was an absolute unique experience and total immersion in Akebu culture,” Haag says.

“It was an answer to prayers beyond what we could’ve imagined. We couldn’t have planned it had we tried.”

Add the Akebu to your prayer list. Then, ask the Lord if He wants you to become a financial partner.

The $64,000 goal of this campaign represents the estimated funding need for the Akebu team to carry on translation in 2017.

“We hope that this story, as it’s shared, would inspire other churches,” shares Haag. “God will use us if we’re willing to be an answer to our own prayers.”