Prayer and praise together as the Church this Easter

International (MNN) — If it feels like we’ve been talking a lot about prayer during this Passion week — it’s because we have. Easter is arguably the most hope-filled holiday Christians have, and the most dangerous. Enemies of God’s people use this time to make a statement, even through violence. But as we’re learning from our partners all over the world, especially after the Palm Sunday bombings, Christians are making a more powerful statement: That God is enough. Salvation through Jesus provides a joy that cannot be shaken.

(Photo courtesy of SAT-7 via Facebook).

The Associated Press said yesterday that in light of the attack on Palm Sunday which killed 48 people, churches in Minya, the southern part of Egypt, will not hold usual festivities, but instead limit their observance of the holiday to prayer. But they and many other Christians around the world will still step into church buildings over the weekend, knowing there is danger.

According to SAT-7, a Christian satellite television ministry to the Middle East and North Africa, ISIS followed Sunday’s attacks in Egypt with more threats. Christians, they say, are an easy target for the terrorist organization as they try to undermine authority in Egypt.
A support system
SAT-7 works alongside the Church in these regions and offers ways you can come alongside the persecuted and underground Church through their ministry. They are an example of how the Church, no matter the distance separating us, can support one another.

(Photo courtesy of SAT-7)

The ministry has been providing special content for the suffering Church this week to offer hope and a chance to celebrate Holy Week in dangerous areas. SAT-7 knows that sometimes, the only fellowship believers have with each other happens through satellite TV.

But their work isn’t just to support and strengthen believers, but also to share the heart and life-changing message of the Gospel. This, they believe, is the only way to fight the violence that seems to be growing.

So today, we are not only reminding you to pray and act, but also to praise God along with your Christian brothers and sisters around the world. Consider working with SAT-7 in the future as they share the message of Hope even where no missionary can go. Click here for more information.

Check out these videos from SAT-7 of Christians worshiping in Armenia (click here) and Egypt (click here).