Mission Cry reaches goal of a Bible for every home in Belize

Belize (MNN) — In 2017, Mission Cry had an audacious goal: that every home in the entire country of Belize should have access to one Bible or Christian book. As the year drew to a close, God allowed them to finish that task.
Completing the task
In November a group went to Belize to distribute Bibles some of the final resources. They had planned to go minister in a school to give away Bibles and Christian books. However, when the team got to the school that morning they discovered that their event had been canceled.

(Courtesy of Mission Cry)

Rather than becoming frustrated, one of the Belizean believers suggested they stop by another school. Maybe they could distribute the resources there. So they drove another hour away to a different school and asked if they could hold an impromptu event. The school welcomed them in!

Unbeknownst to them, God was answering a fellow believer’s prayer by bringing them there.

Jason Woolford, Executive Director of Mission Cry, explains a little more about the story. “That morning the dean of their school had been praying. [He] was praying for God to send Bibles that day because the kids were asking for them from the previous day. And so he was praying, God ordered our footsteps, as He says in His Word, ‘the footsteps of the righteous are ordered,’ and of course those of you that are listening know we’re only righteous by the blood of Christ. But God ordered our footsteps, brought us there.”
Expectant prayers
God acted to bring Mission Cry to a place where people were hungry for the Word of God. Suddenly, children who had been asking for Bibles just the day before, had their own copies in hand. And He did it through the prayers of a man who fervently believed God’s Word to be true.

Woolford shares, “Not only did God do that, but just as He says in His Word that He will do exceedingly and abundantly more than we think or ask. He sent an entire group of 27 people, Michael Maher who did the worship, I preached, my son shared his testimony, and then all of those kids got free Bibles and Christian books because that man, that morning decided that he was not going to stand for anything other than the move of God.”

The dean of that school understood whose he was. He understood that with the living God inside him, he could pray and expect for God to do something glorious.
Bigger, more expectant goals
(Courtesy of Mission Cry)

In addition to the amazing stories like the school in Belize, 2017 was a record-breaking year for Mission Cry. The team sent out about 13 million dollars’ worth of used Bibles and Christian books to 24 different countries around the world. And this year they are looking to do even more.

Woolford pointed out that in Isaiah it says God’s Word does not return empty. It is active and accomplishes His purposes. So, with that in mind and knowing that God hears the prayers of His people, Woolford and his team are setting a lofty goal. In 2018 they want to send even more Bibles and Christian books out than they did last year.

Already the team has sent out two sea containers to India and Ghana with about 70,000 Bibles and Christian books packed inside. They are chipping away at their goal, but they need help.
Make a difference
Mission Cry seeks the prayers of God’s people as they continue to send Christian resources around the world.

Woolford asks specifically for prayers for a container headed to India. He explains, “The container that is headed to India, we’ve been prompted by the Lord just to pray extra hard that we’d have no problems in getting it released on the other side. India’s becoming a difficult situation in getting things in and out of, but most importantly into. What they’re doing is the government is taking a lot of these Christian organizations and putting them on a do not accept container list. Just so they can keep things like the Word of God from coming into the country.”

Pray that the container enters India without trouble. Ask God to give Mission Cry wisdom with where to send further resources and when.

Consider donating resources or money to Mission Cry to help fund their goal to reach more people, like the school in Belize, with the good news of the Gospel. Woolford hopes you are encouraged by the testimony of the school dean here and can see the impact of bringing Bibles and resources to those who need them.