Mission Cry on track to meet audacious goal

Belize (MNN) – Have you ever set a goal that was so lofty that you knew, short of a miracle, there was no way you could meet it? That’s exactly what Jason Woolford and his team did at Mission Cry several months ago when they set out to equip the entire country of Belize with Bibles and Christian books.

For recap, he says, “The goal was that every home in the entire country of Belize would have access to a free Bible or Christian book. Our goal was that by November 17th that that would come to pass. We’re so excited. We need to send six sea containers in order to fulfill those quantities to be able to freely distribute those Bibles and Christian books.”

Woolford says by God’s favor, they’ve already been able to send three sea containers to Belize, and leaders from all seven districts are currently distributing about 90,000 books.
November trip is right around the corner!
This November, Woolford will be traveling with a team of 27 people to minister in Belize. One event he is especially looking forward to is a kid’s outreach and Michael Maher concert in San Ignacio.

He says the concert is not just another entertainment event, but one that will encourage Belizean believers to study the Word. Woolford will also spend time preaching and sharing his testimony.

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

“The main goal is that we’re going and we’re preaching the Gospel but we’re leaving behind the Word that doesn’t return void,” he says.

Recently, he got some exciting news about the event.

“The awesome thing is, outside of giving everyone a Bible or Christian book, those people that can’t attend the event, we just found out on Sunday that this event is going to be streamed live through their TV station in the entire country of Belize, and then also it’s going to be broadcast live on multiple radio stations.”
Big goals met with big faith
It wouldn’t be off base for anyone who had heard the original goal to be stunned. It takes a while to process the idea of one ministry project expected to reach a whole nation. So we asked Woolford, did you believe this could happen?

“I’m a firm believer in God in his Word saying that he’ll do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we think or ask and I can say that I’m humbled and I’m in awe of God just continuing to show up.”

Woolford explains that because the goal Mission Cry set was so audacious, they know God is in it.

“That was a lofty one. And quite honestly, it can be a little scary along the way. But you know, God has been so good and so faithful in just bringing people—people who are not even believers in God are saying, ‘I see the importance of this’ and they’re helping support it financially.”

While the project is just weeks away from completion, there are still a few ways you can engage to expose non-believers to the Gospel, and provide believers with the tools to pursue God in their lives.

“We have the materials here, but we need those last three sea containers to be funded financially. And of course, we need prayer,” Woolford says.

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

Ask God for protection over the shipments and distribution. As Woolford puts it, the devil hates what they’re doing and will try to stop or discourage them. Pray for these books to greatly increase the Gospel in Belize, and the faith of the believers there.

Secondly, you can support financially. You can do that here. Designate your gift to the Belize sea containers.

The shipments represent three million dollars worth of books and Bibles. Thanks to donations from people like you, they’re able to give these resources away to people in need, for free. If you’d like to donate books to Mission Cry for future shipments around the globe, click here.