Keys for Kids hosts first Sharathon this week

USA (MNN) – It’s an exciting week for Keys for Kids as the ministry holds its first-ever sharathon called Week of Giving. This is an opportunity for listeners to support a much-loved and highly effective outreach to children.
Recent Change
Keys for Kids’ 2017 week of giving. (Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids via Facebook)

Keys for Kids Radio, the ministry’s 24/7 radio network, was previously known as Children’s Sunshine Network, and then His Kids Radio. Over the past couple of years, Keys for Kids has made some changes that have been bearing fruit.

“What has been amazing is that we’ve gone from maybe a few thousand listeners to, last month, nearly twenty-thousand kids were listening to Keys for Kids radio. And those were unique listeners. They’re coming in two-hundred-thousand times,” Keys for Kids’ Greg Yoder shares.

Keys for Kids recently revamped its radio ministry. Now, kids in both the United States and those listening overseas could listen to Keys for Kids programming in their local time. But as the ministry grows, so do the expenses.

“God is really moving with Keys for Kids radio. But, something we’ve never done before is [a] sharathon or a fundraising event. And, the first week in October, we’re doing what we’re calling a Week of Giving,” Yoder explains.
First-time Sharathon
The ministry’s goal is to raise $10,000 during this sharathon. And while $10,000 might seem small, it’s going to be a large help to the rising costs the ministry is facing.

“It’s funny how regular radio, terrestrial radio, you don’t have to pay any more for getting new listeners. But with internet radio, you have to pay more for getting new listeners. And so, as we’re growing, we’re having to pay more.”

Most of the listeners of Keys for Kids Radio are kids. That’s why they’re asking you to consider helping them support this growing number of listeners.

“As people get involved, we’re looking for gifts of $10 and $20 a month, if that’s what they are called to give,” Yoder says. “And what’s great is it is going to be matched dollar for dollar.”
Keys for Kids’ Impact
So, why give? Not too long ago, a New Zealand woman’s two kids began listening to Keys for Kids Radio. The mom, who had put her Bible away, hadn’t been sharing Christ were her children. But, as they listened to the Keys for Kids programming, they began asking her questions about God.

Soon enough she pulled her Bible out to answer her kids’ questions, only to come to realize how much they all needed Christ.

(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids via Facebook)

After about seven weeks of these questions and listening to Keys for Kids, both of her children came to know Christ. This story is just one of the many about how God is using this ministry to teach and disciple kids and families.

“As people are investing in the radio ministry,, they’re not only investing in keeping the radio ministry on the air (which is unique because it can be delivered anywhere, on your phone or on any kind of mobile device) you’re investing in someone’s eternity,” Yoder says.
How to Help
By participating in the Week of Giving, you’re not only helping kids in the United States be introduced to Jesus and the Gospel, but you’re also helping reach kids around the world. And while the sharathon officially comes to a close on October 7, that doesn’t mean gifts have to.

Will you consider donating? Click here to do so!

Regardless of whether or not you can support through giving, you can always be praying. Pray for God to provide for Keys for Kids’ $10,000 goal. Ask God to continue using Keys for Kids to impact children and families with the transforming power of the Gospel.