Inspiring the advance of technology missions in India

India (MNN) — Audio Scripture Ministries is still working on their new app that will be out in India later this year. This app will feature audio Bibles and Gospel materials in several Indian languages, and also allow users to ask biblical questions that will be answered via podcast.

ASM’s JP Sundararajan shares an update. “Right now, we’re in the design prototype. We’re working on all the icons and naming the app, and we hope to deploy the app later this year. I’m thinking maybe fall of this year is when the app will be ready.”

Sundararajan says this new app will expand the Gospel’s impact in India and even change how they carry out ministry.

“In two years, I believe that most of the communities we will be serving in India will be connected with data and smartphones. India is the second-largest smartphone market right after China and ahead of the U.S., if you can believe it…. If we know that is coming down the pipe, what are we doing to prepare for it?”

(Photo courtesy of DOOR International)

Even with the swell of smartphone use in India, Sundararajan says most of India is still non-literate. So just having access to a Bible app in text isn’t enough. It’s why ASM’s audio Bible distributions in India are in such high demand. But with an audio Bible app, pastors and believers won’t have to wait for a distribution or travel for several miles to get God’s Word in audio.

An app like this is also a great way to reach out to a younger generation in India that gets excited about technological and social media connections. “Among the young people in India, this is a very easy, safe way for them to engage in deep, spiritual matters.”

But even beyond India, ASM hopes that ministry innovations like creative apps will inspire the millennial generation around the world to explore technology missions.

“The kids in the Church — both in India and here — are thinking, ‘Well, is missions something I can be involved in?’ Yes! You can be, and we actually need you and your help and your insight into this.”

Audio Scripture Ministries’ audio Bible distribution to pastors in India. (Photo courtesy of Crista Ballard Photography)

As the ministry continues working on the app with professional developers, they could really use your prayers.

Sundararajan asks, “Pray first of all for the fundraising, that it will happen quickly. We’re still trying to raise the last $50,000 or so needed to finish the app. And then pray for partners on the ground who could potentially use our app as a vehicle through which we can get God’s Word into the hands and phones of people who are waiting for it.”

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