IBN Launches at NRB with great success

Our mandate is to reach the world with the message of hope through Yeshua Ha-Mashiach – Jesus the Messiah.

Our booth at Proclaim ’17 National Religious Broadcasters Convention
We’re partnering with evangelical ministries to share the move of our living God with a dying world on a daily basis.

Prayer requests

  • Please pray as we reach new broadcasters and content providers from around the world!
  • We ask for favor as we speak to those who would trust us enough to invest in IBN Television to broadcast their content.
  • We pray for favor with those who would invest in us to broadcast CrossTalk, Today With God and WizeFlix on their networks.
  • We ask for favor with those who would see our work as a great business investment for both financial and Kingdom return on investment.
  • We pray for opportunity to share the love of Jesus with those who in need of a life changing love encounter.
Simply text the amount you would like to give.

IBN Television is growing…

The full-time broadcast affiliates serve a population count of just over 57 million people based on Longley-Rice engineering reports. The expansion plan for IBNtv begins almost immediately with a phase II build-out of 73 more stations and a phase III build-out of another 192 more stations. By the end of Phase III, the IBNtv network will have 325 full-time affiliates across America.IBNtv is also going to be utilizing cutting-edge implementation of broadcast technology to serve the public with buffer-free video quality to televisions, computers, tablets and mobile devices faster than any cellular, cable or alternative internet technology on the market today.
Throughout the build-outs of phases II and III, the IBNtv partnership with V-satcast and Edge Spectrum Inc. will place the IBNtv network signal into homes around the globe as new V-satcast satellites are placed into orbit to serve people all around the globe.
Our primary objective is to share the message of hope that comes through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We aim to use every technology at our disposal to proclaim the Gospel and the simple message that the Lord is still in the life-changing business.