How to get Bibles to Chinese Christians

China (MNN) — If you want to get Bibles to local believers in China, don’t bother smuggling them in.

Roger Weaver of Bibles for China says many Christians are still surprised at how open China is to ministry. “Most people have that impression that China’s still closed to Christianity, that anything to do with Bible distribution has been shut out years back,” he said. “In truth, that has changed to where the Chinese government now has allowed groups like Bibles for China to come in and legally and openly distribute Bibles to the Christians in the country.”

(Photo courtesy of Bibles for China)

Weaver said he estimates there are almost 100 million Christians in the registered Church in China, and it’s the mission of Bibles for China to make sure they all have access to Scripture. “We’re trying to fill that void that has opened up with the Chinese government basically sponsoring and setting this thing up, and there’s never any threat that our program will be shut down because we are working under an arm of the Chinese government.”

That’s especially good news for a project this large. Even if believers have access to a Bible, it’s usually well-used until “the pages are all tattered and torn and the cover had already fallen off so they’re writing out Scripture to try and pass those around.”

And the demand is high as God moves Chinese men and women to seek after Him. “With 20,000 new believers coming to Christ in China every day, you can see the vast need to try to get Bibles into their hands,” Weaver said.

Bibles for China provides copies of Scripture and manages distribution across the country, but focuses on rural areas and villages. Want to join a trip? You have 11 chances next year as groups leave for China on an almost monthly basis. “In a lot of places around the world we have so many copies of the Bible laying around and when we’re holding one we just don’t get that excitement or that thrill knowing that this is actually the Word of God,” said Weaver.

(Photo courtesy of Bibles for China)

But it’s not just about distributing Bibles. “There is such a huge need over there with the vast number of new Christians who are coming into their churches to have the new leaders to mold them and shape them.”

That’s why organizations like Bibles for China need your prayer. Though most of the country allows Scripture distribution, “There are provinces that are still closed to outside people and to sharing the Bible.”

Consider giving and going, but most importantly, pray. “The more you’re faithful and show your willingness to take the steps into these areas, the more fruit will come from it.”