Global Disciples encourages and equips leaders at worldwide meeting

Thailand (MNN) — Missionaries spend their lives pouring into the people they serve, but it’s just as important that they be poured into as well.

(Photo courtesy of Global Disciples)

That’s something Global Disciples recently recognized at its annual global staff meeting, X-222, where nearly 100 leaders across the world met together to receive encouragement and strategize for the future.

“Here in Thailand actually, one time per year, we gather all of our international staff at an event we call X-222, or Experience 2 Timothy 2:2, where we gather all of our international staff really for a few different reasons,” says Josh Keefer with Global Disciples.

“One is to continue to just pour into their lives. We recognize they are all throughout the year pouring into the lives of these program directors who are running these discipleship schools, small business development, and leadership development as well as to continue to equip them and update them.”

Global Disciples serves to bring the Gospel to the least-reached people in the world. It works with the local church to train its selected leaders, helping them develop a sustainable way to train disciple-makers to plant churches and share the Gospel.

“One of the main pieces we do in the midst of all of the inpouring, the worship, the praise, [and] the fellowship is strategic planning for the upcoming year,” Keefer says. “We really see that as key for not just individual-by-individual, but really compiling all of those strategic plans for each region of the world and kind of saying, ‘God, what is it you want to do in the world today?’”

Training taking place on a Nepali mountaintop with Global Disciples. (Photo courtesy of Global Disciples)

Keefer asks that you pray for the ministry to be open to God’s plan and excited to see what God can do through the Church.

“It’s clear that His heart is for the nations, and many times our picture, or our imagination of what He could do is very small compared to what He wants to do and even what He wants us to pray toward,” Keefer says.

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