FMI expanding in USA, looking to fill staff positions

USA (MNN) – FMI has some exciting changes coming up, some of which that could involve you.
Expansion and Growth
“The number of our church planters are increasing. The number of our ministry sites are increasing,” FMI’s Bruce Allen shares. “We were trusting in the Lord this year for opportunities to plant 17 new churches. Well, already by last month, this year, we have 42 new ministry sites.”

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FMI has been growing much more quickly than expected. But this means the ministry needs to expand in other areas, as well.

FMI has been purposely keeping its US staff lean to ensure the ministry had funds for overseas partners. Previously, it only had one employee, the Executive International Director, as the foundation for the overseas partners. However, this is about to change.

“Because of what is happening, the growth that God is allowing and the number of new churches being planted, the number of people coming to place their faith in Jesus Christ, we need to give a very strong foundation to that. So, our board has recognized that we need to expand here, locally, in the US as well,” Allen explains.
FMI is Hiring
FMI is now hiring two new positions, including an Executive Assistant and a Manager of Capital Development. Both of these jobs can be done from anywhere around the US, as long as there is access to the internet. So, there will be no need to relocate. The jobs will not require overseas travel. There’s currently no deadline for applications, but Allen says he wants to fill these positions soon.

And while bringing on two new employees may not be a big deal at large corporations and organizations, it is to FMI. FMI’s focus has previously and continues to be on supporting overseas partners and structuring the ministry so that it is able to do just that. And now, to keep supporting these partners, FMI needs a bit more manpower than it once did.

“If you’re available and want to impact some of the world’s spiritually darkest places, you can work from the US and still have a significant impact,” Allen shares.
What’s Expected
The Executive Assistant position requires on average 15-20 hours of work each week, with the potential for full-time employment. Duties would include responding to lower priority emails, helping develop and manage the organization’s website content, assisting in developing monthly budgets for fields of service, planning and implementing fundraising initiatives, and other administrative tasks.

The Manager of Capital Development position would be an average of 40 hours per week with a flexible schedule. Duties would include traveling to meet with churches and others to represent FMI and raise donations, developing and maintaining a gifts program, creating proposals for grant money, staying up to date with legal and social trends regarding fundraising and capital development, planning and implementing fundraising initiatives and more.

(Photo courtesy of FMI).

And just as in Exodus 17 when the battle was won against the Amalekites by Joshua fighting and Moses interceding in prayers, FMI is also looking for individuals to prayerfully engage in helping their brothers and sisters in Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Pakistan.

“The children of Israel emerged victorious, and yet it wasn’t just Joshua who won the battle his soldiers; it wasn’t Moses, it wasn’t Aaron and Hur. It was all of them working together,” Allen says.

“And so, we’re looking to develop that team that includes not just our overseas partners, down in the valley on those front lines, or me up on a mountain, but to find a few other people who can help round out our team.”
How to Help
FMI believes that teamwork is biblical and is encouraged by Scripture. So please, join the FMI team and pray for the right people to apply and for these positions to be filled soon. Pray for FMI’s ministry team to have open doors for sharing the Gospel and for it to spread rapidly. Also pray for FMI church planters to have strength, courage, support, and encouragement.

If you think you might be the right one for either of these jobs, the Executive Assistant or Manager of Capital Development, consider applying.

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