Every Woman Wants a Role Model—Someone to Look Up To. Is Mary that Person?

We see in Mary what God wants from all of us: faithful obedience.
Like most, I’ve spent a lifetime scanning through the pages of Scripture searching to find ‘my’ story: a biblical narrative I could write myself into.
Any woman leafing through the pages of Scripture for a story to call her own will quickly come to discover that most of its legendary heroes were men.
Don’t get me wrong, Moses, Joseph, David, and the Apostle Paul were great men whose legacies will forever testify to a God who saves and pursues imperfect people. But, truthfully, I didn’t want to read yet another story of a man who managed to turn the world upside down; I wanted to see God use someone more like me—particularly, a woman.
Over the years, I’ve found inspiration from women like Esther, Deborah, and Rahab who led boldly and fearlessly during dark times. They didn’t run for the hills or cower in a corner when times got tough, nor did they sit back and wait for someone else to come to the rescue.
Instead, these women went out in faith and lived lives of unthinkable boldness.
During the season of Advent, though, all eyes turn to arguably the most well-known of biblical women: Mary, the mother of Jesus. Each year around this time, families around the world break out their nativity scenes and place her figurine in its usual spot next to baby Jesus and his manger filled with straw. During church services and holiday gatherings, we sing songs and countless carols that tell of this virgin who delivered heaven’s greatest gift to humanity.
But despite her fame across cultures and historical contexts, I must admit: never once have I considered Mary a member of my A-Team of female biblical figures.
I certainly appreciated her critical contribution to Christ’s coming and enjoyed …Continue reading…