Deaf Bible offers free digital wallpapers to spur prayer, advocacy

USA (MNN) — When you open your phone or tablet, what picture do you see as the background? Is it a photo of a loved one or a pet? A beautiful landscape? Maybe an inspiring quote or Bible verse?

(Image courtesy of Deaf Bible Society)

This month, Deaf Bible Society has released a series of digital wallpapers that you can download for free and use as a background wallpaper on your phone or electronic device. Click here to download your free digital wallpaper!

Chantel Pagan with Deaf Bible Society explains, “These wallpapers have some differing signs in American Sign Language [with] still-shots of Deaf community members signing things like ‘praise’ and ‘love’ and ‘worship’ and even the sign for ‘Deaf Bible’.”

The colorfully designed digital wallpapers can serve several purposes. For example, they can serve as a reminder to pray, or even as a conversation starter for Gospel initiatives among the Deaf.

Pagan shares what inspired Deaf Bibles’ digital wallpapers. “When we think about the Deaf Bible as a resource for the Deaf community…the first thing that always comes to our mind is just how visual it is and how big of an impact a visual for Scripture is to this community. So for our team, that really hit home when we were thinking of…a way that we can encourage our audience and just the Church, in general, to be reminded of this people group.

“For us, a wallpaper just really was a great way that we could encourage others [because], every time they open their phone, they have access to being reminded of Deaf Bible and Deaf Bible Society and sign language and Deaf people groups and this community that is desperately in need of content in their heart language when it comes to Scripture.”

Deaf Bible advocates for this unreached people group and hopes these wallpapers will encourage you advocate as well for the Deaf community.

(Photo courtesy of Deaf Bible Society)

“There are 70 million Deaf people today, and out of that, 90 percent of them don’t have access to Scripture content, to Scripture that’s in their heart language. So for us, the greatest need in that regard is just seeing that this community doesn’t have the Bible in their heart languages…. There are actually over 400 different and unique sign languages around the world,” Pagan shares.

“So when we look at the Deaf community from a global perspective, we’re saying, wow, this is one of the largest, most unreached and unengaged people groups on planet earth…. How can we create awareness and how can we advocate on their behalf?”

Beyond downloading a Deaf Bible digital wallpaper as a reminder to advocate and pray, you can also support ministry to the Deaf. Click here to check out Deaf Bible’s outreach initiatives and resources at their website!

“We as the Church can come alongside them and create resources that are an encouragement to their people, as well as raise support financially and prayer support — for translations to happen, for the content that is already created to be distributed, for there to be trainings among people groups, [and] for Deaf Bible to gather programs where they can facilitate learning on how to use this resource in their community.”

So, ultimately, what can a digital wallpaper do to impact the Great Commission? Pagan says it’s not just about the free digital resource — but the action it spurs on and the reminder it serves as.

“This small digital resource on your phone or on your tablet is just a way to say, ‘I’m invested and I’m thinking of this community. I’m praying on their behalf and I stand with the Deaf Bible Society so we can see that no Deaf person goes unheard, and they too can have the Gospel in their heart sign language, and they can share it among their community.’”