Damaris House celebrates one year

Greece (MNN) – Damaris House, a ministry AMG International works with, is celebrating its one-year anniversary of serving women who’ve been human trafficked or are coming out of prostitution.
Damaris House
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The home is located in Greece, a country considered as the gateway to Europe. Being considered a “gateway” has also made Greece a prime spot for human trafficking.

“The epidemic of human trafficking is a problem worldwide. And so, thankfully we’re being much more educated and much more aware of this epidemic,” AMG’s Bill Passons explains.

“But specifically in Greece, it’s becoming a problem because of the desire for them to use Greece as a trafficking lane so to speak…It’s location kind of makes it easier to get there than some of the other places and kind of gives them access to the European Union and then the West from there.”

Women coming out of prostitution often are left with nothing. No money, no family, and no means of bringing in an income. Some have children to support, others are just trying to escape before it is too late.
Long-Term Care
The Damaris House offers long-term care for these women. However, since it has the ability to take care of women and their children, the ministry does prioritize taking in women who have children first.

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Damaris House allows women to stay for up to seven years while they heal and are integrated into Greek society. Some women in the Damaris House are foreigners brought to Greece under the false pretenses of honorable work. The Damaris House helps these women navigate through these challenges.

“So this house offers them the opportunity to kind of be removed from their situation and start the process towards healing. So, we do offer treatments and cares to get them help for any addictions they may have and then start the process towards [getting them] healing,” Passons shares.

Damaris House is currently serving five women. While the number may seem small, the impact is huge, even if it’s just the life of one person. Along with meeting many physical and practical needs, these women are also given a chance to hear the Gospel.

“Ultimately, we believe that the only that transforms people is Christ. And so, dealing with this severe, tragic situation that many of these ladies find themselves in, the power of the Gospel to heal and transform is an integral piece,” Passons says.
How To Pray
So please, pray for the Gospel’s work in these women’s lives. Pray for them to experience full healing and to have a full recover from the horrors they’ve faced. Also, please pray for God’s provision of Damaris House so that the ministry can continue to help women coming out of trafficking and prostitution.

Passons also says AMG hopes to see another home for women opened, soon.

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