China: An unexpected meeting encourages believers

China (MNN) – A new year means new opportunities to spread God’s word. Ministries begin to revamp their efforts and create new partnerships.

Wendell Rovenstine, president of Bibles for China, explained that the 2017 Forum of Bible Agencies in North America renewed the excitement in him for the new year.

“There’s a terrible passion on everybody’s heart to make sure that everybody has the Bible. A Bible is very important. For us Bibles [are] our passion and our heart is China. So for me to be able to be in the presence of those who are touching other areas with the Bible was very, very encouraging.”

Each organization works in a different way to bring the Bible to those who need it. Through these gatherings and others, God is bringing the global Church together. From large conferences to small worship services, people are connecting and the Gospel is spreading.

At the end of 2017, Rovenstine saw firsthand how God unites believers even in the most unlikely places.
An unexpected meeting
Rovenstine said that at the end of the year, he was sitting through a service at a church in China. He knew that his part would likely be small, since this area was sensitive. So, he waited to speak until everything was over. Bibles for China would be acknowledged, and then he could meet the members of the church.

(Photo courtesy of Bibles for China)

However, what he didn’t know was that God was orchestrating a very unique meeting for him that day.

“After the church service was over, I stepped into the aisle to greet the Christians of that church and there was a young Ugandan lady that came and knelt down in front of me, stretched her arms up toward me and looked at me… And I was as confused, ‘What is she doing?’ as the Chinese were looking at me, ‘Who is this?’”

The woman told him that she had come to China to teach English. She had seen the work Bibles for China was doing on social media. A picture of a church caught her attention and she was moved to attend. So, she went to a bus stop and asked a random young man if he could take her to a church like that. Amazingly, he had just returned from Ohio State University and was going to his home church. And who should be visiting his church that morning but Bibles for China!

God’s providence amazed Rovenstine. “And the three of us, the Ohio State University student, the young lady from Uganda, and we from our country, join up in a Chinese community, together rejoicing and praising the Lord because of God’s Bible.”
A new year, a growing church
Amazing stories of God’s providence abound. He constantly draws together worshipers for Himself through many unexpected ways. Rovenstine and Bibles for China see this work happening every day and look expectantly toward what this year holds. They sense a calling to keep their ministry in China alive both this year and for years to come.

Rovenstine says, “We are confident that this is God’s ministry and he has a purpose for Bibles for China.  Not for this year, or next year, but we feel like God’s called us for years to come to provide Bibles through For our passion is Bibles, and our heart is China. We would love for everybody to go to and see how you can be involved in our e-ministry with Bibles for China throughout the world.”

Today, please praise God for the unique ways that He encourages believers around the world. Thank him that his Word has been spreading and pray that it will continue to reach new people in even more remarkable ways this year.

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