Bringing the Gospel to every home in Belize

Belize (MNN) — “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24 (ESV)

In early November Jason Woolford, Executive Director of Mission Cry, and his team stepped off a plane in Belize. They were armed with the Gospel and thousands of Bibles and Christian books to give to families there.

Acting in faith

It began with a simple question: what if every home in all of Belize had a Bible or Christian resource?

Mission Cry (formerly Christian Resources International) has supplied Christian resources to people who need them since 1956, but this situation was unique. Instead of focusing on a small area, the team was takin on a whole country.

The dream was big, but Woolford believes in setting goals that only God can accomplish. So, with their calling in hand, Mission Cry began a time of prayer and acting in faith. They pleaded that God would provide the money and books needed to reach the country of Belize.

With every step they took, they asked God to lead. And they followed his guidance, even when it went against what everyone told them would be best.

A big dream, a small city

God called Mission Cry to San Ignacio to kick off their ministry, but many people had doubts.

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

San Ignacio was too little of a town. There wouldn’t be enough people. The team would get a better response somewhere else.

But Woolford knew where God wanted them. As he explains, “Well against much pressure, and my own flesh, and other people, we stayed true to going to where God told us to go. And that night, not only did almost 700 people show up, we also had favor with secular broadcasting companies. They came and they broadcasted our event throughout the entire nation of Belize on secular TV.”

God exceeded their wildest expectations. In a small city, the Lord gave people open hearts and minds to not only hear the Gospel, but spread it on national TV.

Far more abundantly than all we ask

It was more than they hoped, but God was only beginning to show his power and blessing for the mission.

The team that went to Belize had both former and current members of the armed forces involved. This gave them a special compassion for military men and women. So, they planned to visit the Belize Coast Guard to share the Gospel.

However, as they got breakfast the morning before they left for the base, Woolford got a call. There was a mix-up and the team no longer had an audience to minister to. Their visit was canceled.

But God was not done with Mission Cry. As the team considered their next steps, Woolford’s translator spoke up. The Prime Minister’s son had just walked in.

Woolford asked his translator to introduce them and then walked up to the son of Belize’s Prime Minister and explained the situation.

Woolford said, “He pauses. He looks at his phone, says let me call the Minister of Defense. He calls the Minister of Defense, says he’s not available, but let me finish my eggs and I will give you a personal escort to BFD to the Belize main military base and I will get you access to one of these platoons.”

When he had finished his breakfast, the Prime Minister’s son escorted the team to the base.

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

God was opening doors and the team was ready to see him open hearts. They were given time with a platoon of about 40 guys.

“We ministered to these guys. They were emotional. They were crying,” says Woolford. “Seven people raised their hands to ask Jesus into their life. As a matter of fact, while Michael Maher was doing praise and worship a British soldier who was on this base in Belize was walking by, heard the music, came in and gave his life to the Lord.”

Through miscommunication and a surprise visit with the Prime Minister’s son, the Mission Cry team saw God change hearts.

Join the mission

The team is back in the US, but their work in Belize is not over.

“We’re not done yet. We need to send those last two sea containers. And people were literally, literally at the concert on Friday night lined up in rows waiting for the word of God and when we ran out of stuff to give, one lady said she wasn’t leaving until she got a Bible. And so please help make this vision, this goal, this dream a reality, and help us get to where we need to be.”

The two sea containers cost about $20,000 total to sponsor and provide about 60,000 resources to the places they are going. Join the work of Mission Cry as they seek to bring God’s word to the remaining areas of Belize and around the world.

If you would like to donate books and resources to Mission Cry, click here.

If you are able to support Mission Cry financially as they seek to send sea containers filled with resources to Belize and other countries, you can donate here.