Bridge to Life centers give children tools and support to thrive

International (MNN) — Every child deserves to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment. But sadly, that’s something many children will never experience.

(Photo courtesy of AMG International)

AMG International is one organization working to change that. Through its Bridge to Life Child sponsorship program, it takes a holistic approach to providing children with the support and tools they need to thrive in life.

“At whatever stage and age we enter a child’s life and we connect with them, our goal is to introduce them to Jesus Christ [so] they can go from the ‘kingdom of darkness’ to the ‘kingdom of light’, and then to disciple them and to do everything we can to help care for their physical, mental, emotional, and social needs,” AMG’s Jimmy Myers says.

AMG has 56 Bridge to Life centers in 10 different countries. A key component of AMG’s ministry is partnering with nationals in their own country, which Myers says is a more effective way to impact lives.

“That’s our cornerstone ministry, is people who know Jesus Christ, who love the Lord, that are in various countries. We partner with them because, well, they know the culture. That’s their home, their home language,” Myers says. “They really are best equipped to reach out to the people of their communities and into their nations.

“These are local people who care about their communities, care about the children, and present the Gospel and are involved in their lives.”

The Bridge to Life centers provide orphaned and abandoned children with housing, food, emotional support, education, vocational training, and even college scholarships. Myers has witnessed firsthand just how much of a difference the program can make.

AMG in Peru. (Photo courtesy of AMG International)

“I know that particularly, for example, when I sponsored a young lady in Guatemala, we started fairly young — my wife and I did — with her. We’ve really seen her progress, both just in spiritual maturity (she came to Christ!) and also in her intellectual maturity.

“She even grew in music. God had gifted to her to play music, but normally she would not have had some of those opportunities, and because of the child development center she was in, she was able to develop some of those talents.”

AMG is helping to change lives, but it needs help from people like you to keep making a difference. Click here to see how you can sponsor a child yourself!