Bonaire project reaches full funding

International (MNN) — Trans World Radio started this project with exactly $0. Now, $3.8 million later, the Bonaire Power Up project has been fully funded and final preparations are being made. By the end of January next year, TWR hopes to transmit the truth, hope, and love of Christ and His Word across Cuba, the Caribbean, and even into Brazil.

The project was appropriately finished off thanks to radio. TWR partnered with 14 other radio stations for one week to raise the remaining $125,000. “Radio stations understand radio stations and can talk about it, and Christian broadcasters are committed and probably have a very global worldview,” said Lauren Libby of TWR. When the donations were counted up at the end of the fundraiser, the money actually surpassed the goal, and the project could finally be declared fully funded.

(Photo courtesy of Trans Word Radio)

“There are literally thousands of people who’ve prayed for this project over the last three to four years and thousands of people who have given sacrificially to make this happen,” Libby said.

TWR is planning a special event for January 30th, 2018 in Bonaire to celebrate the fruition of the Power Up project and the potential impact of the enhanced signal.

As you read this article, engineers are adjusting the antenna and the transmitter is being constructed. “Hopefully everything will be in place by about the end of the year and then we’ll run it for thirty days, see how it’s going, make sure it’s up and operating and reliable, and then by the end of January we’ll have the dedication.”

In the meantime, “Pray that all the technical things that have to happen between now and January actually occur.”

(Photo courtesy of Trans World Radio)

The sooner the signal boost is up and running, the better, since there are plenty of listeners itching to get a taste of quality Christian radio in places where access to faith-based radio programs is scarce.

And that’s not even including the pastors who look to TWR programming for spiritual support. “They have not had a theological training, and to be able to listen to programs that have systematic Bible teaching is very very important,” Libby said. “A lot of them take notes and use those notes to turn right around the next week and share that with their house church.”

Venezuela is especially desperate for some good news. “Venezuela is a real prayer target for us because it is literally coming apart at the seams,” Libby said. “We hear stories of people breaking into homes just to get food and to find basic living necessities.”

(Photo courtesy of Trans World Radio)

Yet that didn’t stop Venezuelan believers from enthusiastic giving during an on-air fundraiser for TWR. “They donated because they found Christ through our programs,” Libby said.

But with so many possibilities to expand the Kingdom comes the threat of more spiritual warfare. “Hope is a very valuable commodity, particularly in the spiritual realm, so pray that God would turn this brand new resource into a source of hope and encouragement and that people would turn around and share that hope with other people.”

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