Big ideas and bold commitment for Belize

Belize (MNN) — In February, Mission Cry, formerly Christian Resources International, announced a bold plan to blanket Belize with the Gospel.

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

Executive Director Jason Woolford explains, “There are over 300,000 people in the country of Belize.  Our goal is that each person will have the ability to get a Bible or a Christian book, because we know what the Bible says about the power of the testimony.  Christian books are filled with those, and we know that God says in His Word that His Word won’t return void.”

Although Belize has a long history of exposure to the Bible, the need is for discipleship and for people to encounter Christ through the Word of God, according to their ministry partner, John Foy.  That means they need their own Bibles and other tools.

In an earlier story, we recounted how Foy met Woolford through the suggestion of a mutual friend.  Foy had been involved with a resource distribution in a village in Belize and ran out of materials.  This friend suggested he get in touch with Woolford and Mission Cry.  From there, not only was a distribution trip planned for November, but also a free concert with the Michael Maher Band, street evangelism, a crusade, and a Bible and Christian book giveaway.  Medical missions will be part of the visit as well.

Why Belize?  The Joshua Project estimates 86 percent of the people profess themselves Christians, although many have been discipled in a Body where there is a disconnect between faith and a personal relationship with Christ.  Mission Cry is getting involved partly because of the opportunity, partly because of high literacy rates, and partly because English is widely spoken there.  The biggest reason, though, is because local believers asked for help.

Woolford says, “We’re giving people what they need to fight the spiritual battle while they’re on this earth.  It’s impossible to do when you need to make a decision between feeding your family and getting the Word of God.”

(Logo courtesy of Mission Cry)

It’s a huge undertaking, he admits.  This one also includes Spanish materials, as well.  However, “We need people to send in Bibles and Christian books, most importantly Bibles, because we’re a little low on those for this particular project.”  Your unused Bibles and Christian books could help make the difference. 

To ship: Pack your books in an 18x18x12 box and send via the USPS “Media Mail”. “Media Mail” cost is approximately $20 per 18x18x12 inch box.

Ship to: Christian Resources International, 200 Free Street, Fowlerville, MI 48836

You can also pray, or actually take part on the November trip.  The team is already forming, says Woolford.  “Some pastors have said this is a trip that kind of has something to do for anyone who would like to come.  If you’ve never been on a mission trip, this is a great one to go on because it’s very close and it’s going to be a powerful time.”  Click here for details on the November mission trip.