Bibles for China fosters long-term relationships with believers

China (MNN) – Sharing God’s Word is just the first step in the discipleship process. Investing in someone’s life long-term is where real spiritual growth takes place.

(Photo Courtesy of Bibles for China)

That’s something Wendell Rovenstine says Bibles for China is committed to in the coming years. In 2013, Bibles for China led a trip to the city of Harbin in China’s northernmost province, where they built relationships with believers. Now, Bibles for China is planning to return to that city, as well as other areas they’ve visited, to nurture those relationships.

“We have identified six provincial areas where we have relationships that we’re beginning to nurture and spend time with and going back on a consistent basis with the same individuals so we can together see the work of God being accomplished through sowing of God’s Word, the Bible, which they need,” Rovenstine says.

The Church in China is flourishing; some predict it will be the largest Christian nation in the world by 2030. Throughout his trips to China, Rovenstine has witnessed firsthand the passion Chinese Christians have for the Gospel.

“They would walk literally miles to receive a Bible because that’s something that’s very precious to them,” Rovenstine says. “They love God’s Word. They stand on it. They don’t look for ways to discredit any of God’s Word. They accept it all.”

Bibles for China partners with other organizations to provide Gospel resources and leadership training to these believers. By working with key people and groups, Bibles for China hopes to touch millions of lives for Christ.

“As we listen and as we hear and we develop relationship opportunities together, we sense that [we and] these provincial leaders…have a relationship that God can use in a very significant way to make a difference to the millions that are coming to faith in Jesus Christ.”

(Photo courtesy of Bibles For China)

Do you have a heart for the Church in China? Bibles for China has three upcoming mission trips this October and November that still have openings. Click here to learn more.

You can also partner with Bibles for China here to help provide the funds needed for them to continue placing God’s Word in the hands of believers.

Finally, you can always pray. Pray that God would continue to work in the hearts of the Chinese people and that they would be open to the Gospel.