AMG International celebrates 75 years of ministry

International (MNN) – Seventy-five years ago, two men with a shared vision responded to God’s call to start a ministry to the Greek people.

AMG in Peru. (Photo courtesy of AMG International)

Today, that ministry is AMG International, a multi-faceted mission agency that develops and equips national leaders in over 30 countries. As it celebrates 75 years of ministry, AMG is focused on refining its vision for the future.

“I think the thing that we’re trying to do is to follow what God’s showing us He’s doing through AMG,” says AMG Vice President for Mobilization Pat Ragan. “One of those things is a renewed focus on equipping the national leader, and we’ve seen an increase and a desire from our leadership around the world to train national pastors, to make them shepherds and effective pastors of their flocks and in their communities.”

AMG takes a holistic approach to its ministry and focuses on meeting physical needs before attempting to share the Gospel. Through its Bridge to Life child sponsorship program, AMG provides children with a healthy, safe environment where they are discipled on how to make a difference for God’s Kingdom.

“When I talk about equipping nationals, we really see that beginning when a child might enter one of our child care centers,” Ragan says. “We consider that child a national. Our child care ministry has been rebranded to be called Bridge to Life, because we see this as an opportunity to take that child, whatever their circumstance, and holistically minister to them.

“And not just provide them lunch every day, but to provide them a Christian education in many cases. And in many cases, [we] provide for them medically and obviously spiritually, and even with job training as the opportunity presents itself, and for higher education as it presents itself so when they graduate from school, when they’re finished with their education, they can be a part of effective change for the Gospel in their own communities.”

AMG is planning to branch out its ministry in a variety of directions, including human trafficking, multimedia ministry, and the new Hope Medical College set to open this fall in Uganda. But they can’t do it alone.

AMG in India. (Photo courtesy of AMG International via Facebook)

“We certainly do need new sponsors, faithful partners in that area, and also those that would partner with us longer-term in…the medical work that we have going on around the world. We need doctors and nurses often to come and help with those efforts in rural areas where medical needs are great,” Ragan says. “We need qualified, gifted Bible teachers and trainers [and] pastors to come alongside our national pastors and churches around the world, who can help build up the Church.”

Has God equipped you with skills and given you a passion for ministry in any of these areas? Click here to see how you can use your abilities to serve alongside AMG and touch lives for Christ. If serving isn’t an option, you can always pray for these needs.

If you’d like to contribute financially to AMG’s work, click here. Or, consider sponsoring a child through its Bridge to Life program!