Aid to leave war battered Ukraine

Ukraine (MNN) – It’s been almost four years since the Ukrainian Crisis began and recovery proves a long and hard road.
Aid Leaving Eastern Ukraine
(Photo courtesy of Guillaume Speurt via Wikimedia commons:

Eastern Ukraine’s infrastructure has been destroyed by the fighting. Rebuilding will take years before this region of the country is operational again. However, rebuilding both infrastructure and the lives affected by the Ukrainian Crisis can’t happen until the fighting has ceased.

Furthermore, it’s going to be even harder to rebuild as others pull back their help.

“It seems like a lot of the aid organizations that were there in the beginning are beginning to phase out. So, a lot of the aid organizations that are helping out, maybe the government level and from different countries of the world, they’re beginning to withdraw,” Slavic Gospel Association’s Eric Mock shares.

SGA has been helping supply local churches in Ukraine with funds to provide food, medical needs, and other physical needs to the war-torn people through its Crisis Evangelism Fund. However, this fund is only able to help supply for a fraction of the people in Eastern Ukraine.

And as other aid is pulled from the area, the need in Eastern Ukraine will be growing.

“By the end of the year, there’s going to be a huge increasing need to help these villages here. So we just ask people to get involved and support the Crisis Evangelism Fund and help us to see the Gospel go out through faithful Bible teaching and reaching churches.”
Crisis Evangelism Fund: Ukraine
Who does the Crisis Evangelism Fund help? Families, orphans, and the broken hearted. Rather than focusing on politics, SGA focuses on reaching people who are in need, regardless of where they’re at. This also means sharing the Gospel of a loving God.

(Photo courtesy of SGA)

“If God so cares about them, He cares about their life situation physically and spiritually…so when people who are living in that area who could leave but choose to stay and be a blessing to the people there…that becomes a very powerful message to an embattled people,” Mock explains.

“You remember the passage of Romans 10, ‘how beautiful are the feet of those that bring the good news’? You can’t imagine how beautiful it is to see that you’ve been hungry and you don’t know how to put food on the table.

“[Then] one of these faithful believers, out of love, comes down the street with two or three bags of food and knocks on your door and wants to see how you’re doing, have conversation with you, pray with you, and make sure that your needs are met.”

When this happens, people want to know why others are risking their lives– why they are walking right into a danger zone, just to make sure that they’re fed. The answer is Christ.

So please, pray for peace in Ukraine. Pray for the safety of the believers who are going to and from the villages in Eastern Ukraine, bringing food, physical needs, and more. And pray for the Ukrainians, for aid to come their way, and for their physical and spiritual needs to be met.

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