A church for every child: fun, games, and the hope of the Gospel

India (MNN) – A little fun, a few games, and the hope of the Gospel are at the heart of ZimZam Global, a ministry expanding into northeast India.

Along with Mission Network News, ZimZam Global is part of the Alliance for the Unreached, a group of like-minded ministries focused on taking the name of Jesus Christ to the farthest reaches of the globe. Through its unique leader-based strategy, ZimZam Global’s mission is to multiply healthy churches among all people through children, youth, and families. They partner with churches and other ministries to equip local leaders to reach children who have little access to the Bible.

(Photo and header photo courtesy of ZimZam Global)

The program works particularly well where illiteracy rates are high. The ministry began its journey in Africa, and is now expanding to other unreached people groups in the 10/40 window. Their vision statement is “a church for every child.”

Dave Meyers, president of ZimZam Global, says the first training sessions in India were met with enthusiasm. “Eighty rural Indian missionaries were so hungry to not only be encouraged and excited, but hungry to hear the heart of God – what is He trying to tell us in this training.”

Meyers says the training focuses on how God views children and the power of their voice. With only one week of training, local missionaries were able to partner with AWANA to offer children a fun approach to learning about God’s love and grace.  “If they have a chance to believe, it’s going to be 80-90% who put their faith in Jesus.”

Despite anti-conversion laws in India that limits freedom to convert from Hinduism or other national religion, Meyers says ministry efforts are moving forward with the support of national ministers. “We’re following their model, and these leaders are the ones that are really leading the way when it comes to how to really walk with Christ in a country that’s becoming more and more Hindustan. That’s going to be the dominant push from the government, but I think the Church is rising up and we’ve got a great opportunity still that the window is open, and I don’t know how long that’s going to be, though.”

Meyers fights back tears as he considers the work of ZimZam and its partners. “We’re just recognizing this wonderful window of opportunity that is converging together globally,” he says. “If we can go younger in our strategy, I think that we’ll have a greater opportunity here to really make some inroads in reaching those without access to the Gospel. I think that it’s the children that will lead the way.”

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