20 Truths on The Human Right by Rice Broocks

God’s Sovereignty, Justice, and Truth.
Rice Broocks’ book God’s Not Dead inspired the movie by the same name, though it’s an apologetics book (that has a brief cameo in the movie) explaining the rationality of the faith.
His new book was just released today. It’s call The Human Right: To Know Jesus and Make Him Known.
Brooks is a pastor, writer, and professor. He serves with me as one of our Billy Graham Center Fellows. Below is what I found especially helpful in an advance copy of his book.
1. Cynics point to the humanitarian problems around the world and then tell us that there is no God who cares. To answer the cynics who say that pain points to a God who doesn’t care, consider that the World Health Organization says that we could feed the entire world with food and clean water for thirty billion dollars per year. Yet we spend One trillion dollars on military worldwide. The cynics can’t honestly answer the question about human depravity. They fail because they point their rage at God rather than fellow humans who could solve hunger with 3% of their military budgets.
2. Our own silence in the world is the greatest threat to the church today. We need to boldly and lovingly speak up in the public arena. Our salvation is not a private possession that we store up in our churches.
3. The gospel is public truth. Jesus died publicly. Showed himself alive publicly. And his Word is a public document. When we treat the gospel as public truth, our priorities transform to a position where we not only see the proclamation of Christ’s truth as imperative, but we also see the demonstration of His justice as significant. The reason why human injustice is not talked about much by many churches is that the gospel is not talked about by many …Continue reading…