10 Characteristics of Movemental Christianity

moving from addition to reproduction
In the West, if and when we see movements of churches planting 1,000 churches in their lifetime, 
then we believe the following ten characteristics will be present. Based on our observations, movemental Christianity will have some of these characteristics.
1) Prayer
Prayer will need to be more than
 a habit or a discipline. It must be a conviction that establishes its priority and is expressed in a consistent rhythm of repentance and renewed faith. Before we see movemental Christianity, where we are moving from addition to reproduction, we will have to be fervently praying and asking God to change us first.
2) Intentionality of Multiplication
We will also need to show the intention of being movemental (see the next eight elements). This involves an outward vision instead of inward, raising up others instead of increasing ourselves, and seeking the kingdom
 of God and not building or protecting our personal kingdom. As of now, I believe our focus is primarily defensive and incremental, not intentional
 and exponential.
3) Sacrifice
Change will not come without giving something up. No movement will happen until pressure is applied to move the church from the place of being static to a body of believers in action—from addition to reproduction. Just as the body grows muscle and changes with the tension of weights being lifted, so the church will change and grow in the midst of tension. Denominations, individual churches, and believers must pay this sacrifice.
4) Reproducibility
Movements do not occur through large things (big budgets, big plans, big teams). They occur through small units that are readily reproducible. If you want to see a movement, things need to be accessible and reproducible at every level. Accessible means …Continue reading…