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Simplifying Life, Living More Fully
Joshua Becker, author of The More of Less, explains why materialism does not lead to happiness and how greater joy can actually be found through minimizing possessions. He offers practical suggestions for decluttering your life and defeating consumerism through generosity and gratitude.
Trading Boulders for Stones
If we continue to try to live for the comforts of the world, or turn back to them after coming to understand the kingdom, we simply cannot grow in our relationship with Christ. Read more about Trading Boulders for Stones
Russia: the impact of terror, a ministry’s response
Russia (MNN) -- Russia, a nation that had a brief respite from terror, is once again being awakened to its peril. President Vladimir Putin at memorial, St. Petersburg, Russia. (Image capture courtesy of Wikipedia) Monday’s railway explosion in St. Petersburg made people nervous, and...