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Shady Ally? Qatar Accused of Sponsoring Terror
Qatar is part of the U.S.-led coalition airstrikes against ISIS. But as Erick Stakelbeck reports, the oil-rich nation is being accused of backing some of the same terrorist groups U.S. forces are attacking in Syria.
Sing Over Me: Singer's Walk Out of Homosexuality
Christian singer and songwriter Dennis Jernigan has put his story of freedom from homosexuality into a documentary called, "Sing Over Me."
A Heartbeat, a Death Certificate, and a Fight for One Girl's Life
A California teen has a death certificate with her name on it - but her heart is still beating.
In Ebola’s Hot Zone, Bereaved Says 'We Have Jesus'
In Liberia, churches are helping fight the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.
Panic, Fear in Ebola-Plagued Liberia Is Tangible
In Liberia, the panic and anxiety are palpable as U.S. troops begin setting up the first of 20 medical clinics to help roll back the Ebola crisis.
Wycliffe: Great Commission 'Finish Line' in Sight
For more than 70 years, the goal of Wycliffe Bible Translators has been to give people the Word of God in their own language. Now, the ministry is in sight of completing its mission.
The Ebola Outbreak: What Americans Need to Know
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is releasing information regarding what you should know about the Ebola virus and what's being done to stop its spread.
Convicted Felon Rode Elevator with President Obama
In a newly revealed incident, an armed security contractor with a criminal record rode an elevator with President Obama last month. The incident is the latest in a series of embarrassing missteps by the Secret Service.
Mysterious Enterovirus Linked to Paralysis in Kids
Parents across the country are rushing their children to the emergency room because of a virus that may have claimed the life of a 4-year-old New Jersey boy. Called Enterovirus D-68, it's been reported in nearly every state. Enterovirus D-68 attacks the respiratory system. Symptoms of children...
Deadly Ebola Virus Reaches America. Now What?
Health experts are scrambling to follow the first diagnosed case of Ebola in America. The patient is a man who traveled from West Africa to Texas 11 days ago.