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DOOR leader captivates FOBAI audience
International (MNN) -- The Forum of Bible Agencies International, or FOBAI, just ended its annual summit. “The Visual Context of the Bible” -- a lecture presented entirely in sign language by a Deaf DOOR leader -- left significant impressions on many. FOBAI is a coalition of groups...
Protests continue in crisis-swamped Venezuela
Venezuela (MNN) -- In a move that usurped the power of the opposition-led National Assembly, Venezuela’s Supreme Court sparked protests across the nation on March 30th. Trans World Radio’s International Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean, Steve Shantz, put it this way:...
Earth Day, creation stewardship, and the Great Commission
International (MNN) -- Tomorrow, April 22nd, is Earth Day. But as we talk about missions and outreach, what do things like recycling and planting trees have to do with the Great Commission? Gary Edmonds with Food for the Hungry offers his thoughts. “When we talk about a biblical worldview...
Adventures in Odyssey: "Something Significant"
Adventures in Odyssey, Focus on the Family's award-winning radio drama for kids, celebrates its 30th anniversary with a special airing of the episode "Something Significant," with its theme of playing your part in God's story.
When What God Gives Isn't Enough ... Or Is It?
It is hard to condemn the nine healed lepers who failed to show Jesus their gratitude when I think of the many times I have forgotten to thank God. Read more about When What God Gives Isn't Enough ... Or Is It?