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Trading Boulders for Stones
If we continue to try to live for the comforts of the world, or turn back to them after coming to understand the kingdom, we simply cannot grow in our relationship with Christ. Read more about Trading Boulders for Stones
Russia: the impact of terror, a ministry’s response
Russia (MNN) -- Russia, a nation that had a brief respite from terror, is once again being awakened to its peril. President Vladimir Putin at memorial, St. Petersburg, Russia. (Image capture courtesy of Wikipedia) Monday’s railway explosion in St. Petersburg made people nervous, and...
World Health Day: depression, refugees, and the Gospel
Middle East (MNN) -- Today is World Health Day, and this year, the United Nations is focusing on mental health and depression. These issues are timely, since John Ramey with Frontiers USA says the refugee crisis in the Middle East is generating an entire people group with high levels of...
Send BIBLEplus+ units to Ghana
Ghana (MNN) – If ever there was a time to share the Gospel, it will always be now. Not too long ago, this sense of urgency in sharing the Gospel gripped OneWay Ministries’ Executive Director’s heart, Michael Thompson. Specifically, in getting audio Bible devices, BIBLEplus+ units, to...
Surviving a Spiritual Mismatch (Part 2 of 2)
Best-selling author Lee Strobel and his wife, Leslie, discuss the struggles they experienced while he was an atheist and she was a new Christian, offering hope and practical suggestions for living out your beliefs while being faithful to an unbelieving spouse. (Part 2 of 2)  
Bible Reading - April 7
Read more about Bible Reading - April 7