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Disaster training calms fears, opens doors for ministry
Philippines (MNN) -- Natural disasters are devastating, not only because they damage properties and take lives, but also because they leave behind scars of trauma. Though it went little-noticed in February, an earthquake continues to haunt the people of the Philippines on the island of...
Pursuing God after college graduation
USA (MNN) -- It’s that popular time of year when colleges are approaching what some call “pay-day” or as it’s known to others, graduation. And as countless college students prepare for graduation and for the life that comes after, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Greg Jao shares...
Can a ceasefire in Syria take hold after last week?
Syria (MNN) -- The United States missile strikes on a Syrian airbase in response to the chemical bombings in northern Syria last week caused quite a stir. Now Trump officials have told Russia that it needs to drop this campaign of support for Assad. These recent interactions could dampen the...
Simplifying Life, Living More Fully
Joshua Becker, author of The More of Less, explains why materialism does not lead to happiness and how greater joy can actually be found through minimizing possessions. He offers practical suggestions for decluttering your life and defeating consumerism through generosity and gratitude.