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Palm Sunday attacks: renewed call to support the persecuted Church
Egypt (MNN) -- Coordinated attacks disrupted Palm Sunday worship over the weekend in two of Egypt’s Coptic Churches. The twin suicide blasts, thought to be the work of ISIS, have killed several dozen people. Yesterday, family and friends buried and mourned their loved ones. President Abdel...
Indonesia: landslide update and how to help
Indonesia (MNN) -- It’s been just over a week since a half-mile wide landslide crushed parts of the Indonesian island of Java on Saturday, April 1st. Half-Mile Landslide (Photo courtesy FMI) The landslide destroyed a lot of buildings and, in his last report, FMI’s Bruce Allen says at...
Eurasia: Easter, excitement, investment
Russia (MNN/Mission Eurasia) -- How far can you stretch $25? (Image courtesy of Wikipedia/CC) You can buy some socks, and some toiletries.  You can buy some food.  You can help sponsor an orphan for a month in some places…but can you buy impact?  No, but you can certainly put some gas...
Finding Unexpected Blessings in Marriage (Part 1 of 2)
Contemporary Christian music artist Laura Story and her husband, Martin, offer hope and encouragement as they discuss how God has strengthened their faith and relationship after Martin was diagnosed with a brain tumor early in their marriage. (Part 1 of 2)
Can a Christian Not Believe in the Resurrection?
Christianity without the resurrection is not Christianity. It is something else. Read more about Can a Christian Not Believe in the Resurrection?
Bible Reading - April 11
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God's Punch List
No construction job is ever finished until the completion of the punch list: a list of imperfections that must be corrected. Read more about God's Punch List