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Getting New Yorkers to Hear the Word
How Bethany Jenkins's daily devotionals kickstart common-good Christianity in NYC.
Flooded by a Storm, Then by Grace
The superstorm almost destroyed our home. What happened afterward shocked me.
How Church Unity Overcame Hurricane Sandy
A look at Staten Island one year after the storm.
Would You Move After a Shooting On Your Front Lawn?
How we came to answer the question in Memphis.
Can Urban and Suburban Christians Agree?
The power of partnerships across metropolitan dividing lines.
A Christian Covers the World's Longest Cocktail Party
An interview with Kelly Crow, who has reported on the contemporary art world for 'The Wall Street Journal' since 2006.
Yes, Sometimes We Can Serve Both God and Mammon
My congregation's experiment in using market values to grow our mission.
Why We Send Our Kids to the Poorest Public School
It's not just my own kids' well-being that matters anymore.
Gender Inclusivity Isn’t Liberal. It’s Biblical.
Why conservative theologians are defending changing certain Bible verses to include women. Nothing gets a bunch of evangelicals going like debates over Bible translation. The latest chatter centers around one of the newest: the Christian Standard Bible (CSB). This translation came out in March...
Greg Laurie, Calvary Chapel’s Big Crusader, Joins Southern Baptist Convention
Amid shared hopes for revival, Harvest Christian Fellowship goes denominational. Following another year of declining membership and baptism, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) just gained one of the biggest evangelists and megachurch pastors in the country: Greg Laurie. The day after...