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Dream Deal for Iran; Nightmare for the World
This week on Jerusalem Dateline: It’s a dream deal for Iran, a nightmare for the world as leaders are on the verge of a deal with a nuclear Iran. And, Arabs and Jews living in peace at a top Israeli University, so why a U.S. State Dept. boycott? Plus, the forgotten campaign to...
From Exodus to Resurrection: Easter & Passover in Jerusalem
This week on Jerusalem Dateline: We go inside the Garden Tomb where some believe Christ was buried and rose again. Plus, making Biblical bread – Passover Matzah and the spiritual meaning for Jews and Christians. Finally, a look at the man who wrote the movie "Ben Hur." Watch below:
Israel-White House Relations at All-Time Low
This week on Jerusalem Dateline: Israel's relationship with the White House at all-time low. Plus a former Muslim woman talks about jihad, Sharia, and Islam's abuse of women. And on the front lines with Kurdish fighters against the Islamic State.
Radicalized: ISIS Propaganda Attracting American Youth
Which city is America's biggest hotbed for terrorists? If you're thinking New York or Los Angeles, you'd be mistaken.
Bah Humbug! Anti-Homeless Laws Taint the Season
It's the time of year when giving becomes priority. But in Florida, a Scrooge of a law has drawn national outrage, and the man in the middle is a 90-year-old, lovingly referred to as "Santa Claus."
Security Warning: Churches a Rising Target for Attack
Violence against Christians is rampant worldwide. While that's not as true in the U.S., one security expert warns that "if we think we're immune... we're sadly mistaken."
Politics of Drought: What's Choking California Dry?
California is finishing their third year of drought, with crops and lakes drying up across the state. The drought isn't just a weather problem; it's become a political one.
How the Pilgrims and Reformation Formed America
We know the Pilgrims became some of America's first English settlers. But what else about these Christians helped them shape what became the most free, most powerful nation on earth?
Avoid a Devastating Accident: Burn Prevention Tips
One of the most devastating types of injuries is a burn and this is the time of year when doctors see more victims. Find out how you can help prevent an accident from the experts at North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center.
Not So Cute: Little Girls Drop F-Bombs for Feminism
The company FCKH8 has released an Internet video that purports to promote gender equality, but critics are accusing its producers of exploiting young girls.