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Ramadan violence answered with prayer
International (MNN) -- ISIS has called on its followers to wage “all-out war” on the West during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, sparking fears of new attacks. (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia) Muslims worldwide observe the month as one of prayer, fasting, and growing closer to Allah.  It...
Forbes recognizes translation ministry as good place to work
United States (MNN) -- When we’re job hunting, we will ask about the various employment opportunities: “Is this a good place to work? How do they treat their employees?” On the mission field, that question gets more specific: “Is this ministry effectively and responsibly sharing the...
From resistant to persistent: a Kenyan church planter’s story
Kenya (MNN) -- The Turkana people group in Kenya is the second largest pastoral group in the country. Pastoral people groups are characterized by herding and shepherding lifestyles and are often nomadic. Their small villages are far-flung across the vast Turkana territory in northwest...
When God Allows Suffering (Part 1 of 2)
Author and speaker Joni Eareckson Tada, who has been a quadriplegic since age 17, candidly explores the question of why God allows pain and suffering, and encourages listeners to persevere in trusting God, even if they can't fully understand His purposes. (Part 1 of 2)
Bible Reading - June 6
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Bible Reading - June 2
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Stroke Leads Philanthropist to Stronger Faith
Author Mark Moore shares how suffering two strokes in two days led him to a personal relationship with Christ.  Read more about Stroke Leads Philanthropist to Stronger Faith
Sri Lanka faces worst flooding in over a decade
Sri Lanka (MNN) -- Sri Lanka is facing its worst flooding in over a decade. Torrential rains in the southwestern part of the country have left about 180 dead and over half a million displaced. (Photo courtesy of Asian Access) “You can’t even reach some of the places down south and in the...
World Missionary Press teams up with Soles for Jesus
Africa (MNN) -- In the mission field, collaboration can bring about some beautiful results. In the case of World Missionary Press, partnering up with other mission organizations and individuals means opening more doors to sharing the Gospel. Helen Williams of World Missionary Press shared the...