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Helping Hurting Kids Through Foster Care (Part 1 of 2)
Foster parents Major T.J. Menn and his wife, Jenn, discuss the joys and challenges of caring for 24 different children over a 10-year period, and encourage listeners to consider how they can share God's love with orphans and foster kids. (Part 1 of 2)
Nepal and Japan meet on the road to recovery
Nepal (MNN) -- Nepal just marked the second anniversary of devastating twin earthquakes that killed 9,000 people and made a million others homeless. The government has been criticized for the slow pace of rebuilding, and did not officially hold any commemorative events April 25th. However,...
Help SGA with its 2017 Summer Camps
Russia (MNN) – The northern hemisphere is prepping for spring and that means Slavic Gospel Association is gearing up for its annual summer camp season. Summer Camps (Photo Courtesy SGA via Facebook) An SGA summer camp. During the summer months, local churches put on summer camps for...
Sign language Bible translation gains new standards
International (MNN) -- It’s fair to say that any industry -- catering, law, health, you name it -- has its own set of standards, or 'best practices'. Why should sign language Bible translation be any different? (Photo courtesy of DOOR International) “Hearing organizations have been doing...
Filling Your Love Tanks
In this recorded presentation, pastor and comedian Dennis Swanberg encourages listeners to understand and display the love languages of their family, and concludes his talk with words of affirmation for his own mother.
A Voice of Calm in 'The Battle for Jerusalem'
The spring of 1967 was a time of almost unbearable tension for Israel's leaders. Threats of invasion came from every direction, and western allies turned their backs on the Jewish state.
Trafficking in India: ministries getting to the root of the problem
India (MNN) -- The latest report from the United States Department of State says human trafficking in India spiked at least 25 percent last year. Every hour, four women and girls enter prostitution in India -- three of them against their will. There are a few contributing factors to the...
Damaris House celebrates one year
Greece (MNN) – Damaris House, a ministry AMG International works with, is celebrating its one-year anniversary of serving women who’ve been human trafficked or are coming out of prostitution. Damaris House (Logo courtesy AMG International) The home is located in Greece, a country...
Mother’s Day gift that changes lives
India (MNN) -- Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and you may be wondering what to do for your mom this year. Would you consider doing something really special? Something that breaks the mold? India Partners is offering a great way to honor your mom while helping a mom halfway around...
Living With Authenticity
TV star and actress Sadie Robertson explains how she has remained true to her Christian values in the midst of the pressures that come with a highly successful career in the public spotlight.